Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Otis Collier - Personal Success Coach

For everyone who doesn't know Otis yet, I advise that you browse around his web site and check out his podcast. They're informative, real, and witty. Subject matter ranges vastly. Everything from spiritual, financial and personal growth, to advice on marriage and romantic relationships, with tips on how to keep your partner satisfied and on FIRE!

Otis just happens to be a personal, life long friend of mine, but also my business mentor. I've learned so much from him already. So whether you're thinking about starting your own business, looking for the perfect job, wondering if the stock market is for you, or are just interested in listening to a few good podcasts for entertainment purposes only, check him out at http://www.otiscollier.com/

But let me get back to the real reason for doing this post. I just finished
listening to his podcast called, "For Women Only." It was absolutely wonderful. We as women have to learn how to be good to our men. The old adage is true: Behind every good man is a good woman. We are the backbone because our strength is inherent to who we are. And with this comes a lot of responsibility. We have the ability to hold our men back, as well as the power to lift them up and release them from their own bondage to become who they were destined to be. Gentle, loving nudges go a whole lot further than constant nagging or condescending jibber jabber.

And so as to not leave out the fellas, Otis has a special podcast just for you too. So go ahead and check out, "For Men Only." Knowing what I know about Otis, I'm sure he's got some good, solid wisdom for you as well.

Peace, Love, & Light,