Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Humble Housewife 2008 Virtual Book Tour

Sweet Georgia Brown
Cheryl Robinson
NAL Trade, January 2, 2008
$13.95 US; ISBN: 0451222288

Meet Georgia Brown-a humble housewife determined to become a household name….
After eleven years of marriage, Georgia Brown is fed up with her husband, Marvin, a popular radio personality. It’s not just because she suspects he’s having an affair, or because she’s suddenly expected to raise his thirteen-year-old daughter, Chloe-whom she never even knew existed. It’s because of the comments he makes about her weight, their marriage, and their sex life…on national radio! Now, to save their marriage, Marvin invites Georgia to the station for an on-air rebuttal . . . .

I’ve been invited to participate in the SWEET GEORGIA BROWN: Humble Housewife 2008 Virtual Book Tour. Cheryl Robinson, the author of this exciting new release has asked me the question, “If I was in her humble housewife, Georgia Brown’s shoes, what would my on-air rebuttal be?”
But before I give my rebuttal, take a look at the trailer.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Vee's Rebuttal
"Marvin, I'm still mad as hell! You bringing these strangers into our bedroom?! How could you do that? You bring all this drama into my life at home, and then have the nerve to disgrace me on live radio? And you've got them thinking you're all that and you've got it going on. Well honey, seems to me that I'm not the only one who could use a little stretching. And I ain't talking 'bout your mind, if you know what I mean!

But see baby, I never would have taken it there, not on air. But you wanna play dirty, so okay let's do it.

You see, all these things you think are so wrong with me, some see as beauty. And I could conform to your ideal, if I chose to. I could change myself and my weight, but it wouldn't change who I am. But now you, can you change the s...

You know what? Never mind. humh. I can't even play your game. I'm too classy for this. The honest truth is I loved you. And all your imperfections, I adored, because I adored you. But I tell you what, Marvin, I deserve better.

And I WON'T hold you any longer, dear.
You have broken my heart, but you will NOT break my spirit,
and you WILL NOT steal my joy.

Not anymore.

You are

And baby...your things will be outside waiting for you when you get home.

This is Sweet Georgia Brown, everyone, signing off."

For more info on Cheryl Robinson, please visit:
Video directed by Brett Haley

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Otis Collier

I'm going to be featuring some of Otis' vlogs from time to time. He is a life-long friend of mine. He has several titles on his head right now, and wears them all extremely well. But Otis is not only a friend of mine. He's taken me under his wing as his mentee. One of the messages Otis really wants to share is how important it is to create multiple streams of income for yourself.
His information is both useful and very valuable.
And get this, most times ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So check out this youtube video and see for yourself.

Free Software Tools for Internet Marketers (find the links to the free software!)

Meet Otis on Myspace! (to view all of Otis' videos!)

Monday, January 07, 2008

DENA'S Melody

Dena's Melody - "Maybe"

Introducing the next queen of Neo-soul!
Don't believe me? Check out her myspace profile ( Update: This link no longer available) and listen to her songs, Brighter Days and Loveless, both featuring CT, and of course my very favorite, Maybe.

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady on myspace. Her voice simply captivated me, which is kind of hard to do on myspace. The purity, the honesty, the soulfulness - I'm loving it!

Thank you Miss Dena for posting this video on youtube for me.

You are AWESOME!

And I wish you so much success.

-Aye, y'all heard it live first, right here on VJBS!

Peace, Love, Light, & Inspiration,


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Love Your Naps (Napturalicious Poem) by Kamal Imani

Loving Me Some Nappy Nappy Video just released!
Watch it here.

And guess what? I'm in the Video!
Her sweet kinky naps go back to electromagnetic cats from the land of the blacks where the sphinx naps her sweet kinky naps go back to electromagnetic cats from the land of the blacks where the sphinx naps
I need a Nappy Headed Diva!
In her I'm a believer
I get high off her like ganja
I'm her quarterback
She's my wide receiver
Forget what society thinks---------------------------------- Kamal on Myspace!.
She's a high achiever .

Thought I told you before yo
I'll never leave her
I had to hit her wit a friend request
A myspace link
When I heard her playing Lauren Hill
And saw her khemit kinks
She's a lavender flower
In a world that stinks
When she walks by like Ms. Sadey
That's a sophisticated southern lady
Even the devil winks
But 666 can't have her
Cause she'd rather
Have the kushite deity
And baby that be me
I ain't gon through struggles for nothing my struggles my initiation and when I saw her on the street there was no time wastin no procrastination Harlemite born, yo we don't play I stepped to her with no delay like "sweet Jesus can I touch the hem of your garment?"
And of course she laughed
As I asked for her business card
And her autograph
Some matrix type chicks would have walked pass but her dread type natural naps served as an antenna that detected this bredren right here was a winner
Cause her sweet naps go back to electromagnetic cats from the land of the blacks where the sphinx naps so as she walks the streets all she hears is raps like" yo, ma holla back, can a brother get some play?
Yo what's up wit that"
Cause brothers use to believe that light skin was in whether temp or perm or contract but never a double chocolate delicious diva with black naps I'll take either one I'll take them as they come all shades of the black spectrum those khemit kinks remind me of the African village tribe of shabazz 9 ether smoke incense and drums If those naps were a snack I'd keep them in my poetry back pack throw the seeds in a farm harvest them and get phat When I run my fingers through those naps it's nothing like that thoughts of our collective middle passage experience stringy hair, my Akashi fingers couldn't feel that your naps reveal that I love every square inch of your reflection which means I love being black.
Her sweet kinky naps go back to electromagnetic cats from the land of the blacks where the sphinx naps
Kamal Imani c 12/29/07 Shout Outs to Auset 999

Also check out, "ALL SHE REALLY WANTS IS LOVE" by kamal

The 2008 Tribute 2 Ms. Melanin Calender

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