Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Humble Housewife 2008 Virtual Book Tour

Sweet Georgia Brown
Cheryl Robinson
NAL Trade, January 2, 2008
$13.95 US; ISBN: 0451222288

Meet Georgia Brown-a humble housewife determined to become a household name….
After eleven years of marriage, Georgia Brown is fed up with her husband, Marvin, a popular radio personality. It’s not just because she suspects he’s having an affair, or because she’s suddenly expected to raise his thirteen-year-old daughter, Chloe-whom she never even knew existed. It’s because of the comments he makes about her weight, their marriage, and their sex life…on national radio! Now, to save their marriage, Marvin invites Georgia to the station for an on-air rebuttal . . . .

I’ve been invited to participate in the SWEET GEORGIA BROWN: Humble Housewife 2008 Virtual Book Tour. Cheryl Robinson, the author of this exciting new release has asked me the question, “If I was in her humble housewife, Georgia Brown’s shoes, what would my on-air rebuttal be?”
But before I give my rebuttal, take a look at the trailer.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Vee's Rebuttal
"Marvin, I'm still mad as hell! You bringing these strangers into our bedroom?! How could you do that? You bring all this drama into my life at home, and then have the nerve to disgrace me on live radio? And you've got them thinking you're all that and you've got it going on. Well honey, seems to me that I'm not the only one who could use a little stretching. And I ain't talking 'bout your mind, if you know what I mean!

But see baby, I never would have taken it there, not on air. But you wanna play dirty, so okay let's do it.

You see, all these things you think are so wrong with me, some see as beauty. And I could conform to your ideal, if I chose to. I could change myself and my weight, but it wouldn't change who I am. But now you, can you change the s...

You know what? Never mind. humh. I can't even play your game. I'm too classy for this. The honest truth is I loved you. And all your imperfections, I adored, because I adored you. But I tell you what, Marvin, I deserve better.

And I WON'T hold you any longer, dear.
You have broken my heart, but you will NOT break my spirit,
and you WILL NOT steal my joy.

Not anymore.

You are

And baby...your things will be outside waiting for you when you get home.

This is Sweet Georgia Brown, everyone, signing off."

For more info on Cheryl Robinson, please visit:
Video directed by Brett Haley


Yasmin said...

I was sent over here via Ms. Grits posting for the Humble Wife Tour.
Love the rebuttal and look forward to visiting your blog again.

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Anonymous said...

Great rebuttal! Sorry it took me so long to join in. I just got home literally walked in the door and logged on. I am giving away five copies of my book to the first five who post a comment on your site under mine. Vee, I trust you will let me know the names and addresses via email at It doesn't have to end today. Just let me know and thanks for hosting me. said...

Vee, are you sure you don't know Georgia Brown? The reason I say that is because you respond here like you know a little something-something about dealing with arrogant brothers like Marvin . . . ROFL!!!

Excellent rebuttal to the not so nice Marvelous Marvin. Thank you for hosting The Humble Housewife tour here today.

Yasmin said...

Did someone say FREE Books I'm in and I definitely recommend Sweet GA's a great book and the author is being profiled via APOOO during the month of February because we love her so much. ;)

Hi, my name is Cheryl Robinson. said...


Let me try this again. Hi, this is Cheryl Robinson the author of Sweet Georgia Brown. Thank you for hosting me on your blog during my virtual tour. I would love to give out five free copies of Sweet Georgia Brown to the first five people who post a comment to your blog by leaving their rebuttal to Marvin or sharing their thoughts. Let me know who the winners are. Talk to you soon.

Ebony Farashuu said...

This is a great rebuttal and makes me want to read this book even more! Great insight!

Missy said...

Way ta go Georgia that was sweet and to da
Hurt him better by showing not saying hey Marvin this just in from Missy - let the door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha!!!


Sonja said...

Hey Vee I don't know for sure where to post the blog whether here or on the other site but here is my rebuttal:

Marvin so it comes to this huh? You would be so low as to air our business on the radio. You think you're hurting me, no honey you are finally letting your true colors show. If all you see is just my outer beauty then you are missing the whole picture. I am a beautiful black woman, yes Marvin a RAREJEWEL. Before noone knew who your were, I was the one encouraging you to hold on, to continue to believe you're about to blowup. Have it occurred to you that I was praying to God day in and day out for Him to rain down a Supernatural blessing in your life? Do you even know who I am, I mean really am? Marvin I am a Proverbs 31 woman. If you don't know what it means look it up. Is this the thanks I get? I was the one who you shared your deepest darkest secrets with, the one who you would only allow to see you cry and you have the nerves to disrespect me. To treat me as I am nothing. A real man sees beyond the outer shell. I am a strong black woman and will not settle for less anymore. Goodbye Marvin and remember God don't sleep.

kim said...

Vee, your response was slamming!
This sounds like a great book.
I can not wait to read it.

Kim said...

Ahh . . . .sukey, sukey, sukey now! GO head on Sonja with yo' bad self! That is a mighty fine rebuttal indeed!

All this Marvin talk has me feeling like slapping the next man that steps to me wrong. Okay, I need to go sit in the corner and pray for peace!

Sonja said...

Awww thanks girl that means a lot to me! I am so excited to have found this site and am honored to be in this positve atmosphere. Be blessed.

Cynthia said...


I haven't read the book, but will definitely get it. Georgia Brown appears to be like some black women that I know. I think there is a little of Georgia Brown in every black women who puts family before self. I know a lot of black women would've taken it to the streets with Marvin, but a God fearing woman knows her true place. Some may feel that Georgia is too submissive, but for Georgia, she seems to know what and where her place is as a child of God and a wife. There are times when we form opinions of what we see in regards to someone elses marriage, but Georgia appears to be the type of woman who has more stength than her readers give her credit for.

Thanks for hosting the tour and being a voice for black authors. Love you girl!

TTYL - Cynthia

kathy said...

What would I say to a dog this dirty? I don't know, but I probably couldn't say it here;-)