Thursday, February 21, 2008

Erykah Badu New CD Release 2*26*2008!

Hey you guys!
In case you didn't already know, I am a HUGE Erykah Badu fan. Have been for forever now.
And all my friends can attest to this, 'cause I know I use to get on their last nerves always walkin' round singing her songs.

Well anyway, her latest CD is coming out next week.
If you've noticed, I've placed a couple of banners on this page. Both will take you to Erykah's Official web site ( ), where you can download "Honey," or watch the video;-)
Now if you're a myspace friend, you've probably either gotten a myspace bulletin or a post to your page by me. Yes, I joined to Erykah Badu Street Team to help with promoting this electric sister. I want to help spread the word and the LUV!

Now, for all you die-hard Erykah fans, you can join me and the other members of the street team and help promote the new CD. Click Here!

Peace, Love, Light, & Good Music,


Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Random Stuff, by Bongani

I LuV Dippin' Dots!

I'm A "Wanna Be Runner"-more like "slow jogger/shuffler" ;)

My favorite album of all time is "Til Shiloh" by Buju Banton.

I have a whole bunch of sisters & brothers (papa was a rollin' stone :()

Have a son & a daughter and a grown step son (still lives with us)

Convinced that Joel Osteen is Heaven Sent!

I actually like my job, but would rather just win the lottery & be rich & FABULOUS!

If I could just pack up and move anywhere, it would be Toronto, Ontario in Canada or Cary, North Carolina.

I watch three movies over and over and over again: Meet Joe Black, I Like It Like That & A Bronx Tale

Favorite Foods are Pasta Salads & Boneless Buffalo Wings

If I had to be an animal, I would be a Black Rhino (Really Random)

I LuV Parties!

I still believe in LOVE!

I Don't Watch Soap Operas-can you believe that?

Best concert ever was the New England Reggae Festival in Hartford, CT (1999). I flew to Boston to meet friends and then we made the drive to Hartford in a new BMW 740-Awesome! We were faster than the speed of light! So many reggae artist in one place! Mr. Vegas was really good-Beenie Man was there, but there was a stampeed before his performance-the R & B group 112 was there (they were hot during that time).

This should have been #1
I collect Sun Catchers & Coasters-so if you're in some far off place that's rarely visited and come across either-pick one up for ya gurl!

Okay, I'm light-headed now; it's about 2AM...will finish this one later...bye!

Current mood: breezy

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Here is a listing of Black inventors and their inventions.

1. Alexander Mils: invented the elevator.

2. Richard Spikes: invented the automatic gear shift.

3. Joseph Gammell: invented the super charge system for internal combustion engines.

4. Garrett A. Morgan: invented the traffic signals.

5. Elbert R. Robinson: invented the electric trolley.

6. Charles Brooks: invented the street sweeper.

7. John Love: invented the pencil sharpener.

8. William Purvis: invented the fountain pen.

9. Lee Burridge: invented the type writing machine.

10. W. A. Lovette: invented the advanced printing press.

11. William Barry: invented the postmarking and canceling machine.

12. William Purvis: invented the hand stamp.

13. Phillip Downing: invented the letter drop.

14. Joseph Smith: invented the lawn sprinkler.

15. John Burr: invented the lawn mower.

16. Frederick Jones: invented the air conditioner.

17. Alice Parker: invented the heating furnace.

18. Lewis Latimer: invented the electric lamp.

19. Michael Harvey: invented the lantern.

20. Granville T. Woods: invented the automatic cut off switch.

21. Thomas W. Steward: invented the mop.

22. Lloyd P. Ray: invented the dust pan.

23. Jan E. Matzelinger: invented the shoe lasting machine.

24. Walter Sammons: invented the comb.

25. Sarah Boone: invented the ironing board.

26. George T. Samon: invented the clothes dryer.

27. John Standard: invented the refrigerator.

The Afro, by Vee

To me
The Afro signifies power and strength.
With just a hint of militancy, it whispers to those who are listening, "I am free! And I am free to be me."

It's naturally regal edginess personifies the struggle of a people to first understand, then overcome and overstand.
But not only to overstand what's right in front of us and what should be apparent, but also the lessons of the ancestors...
the lessons of the past.
To overstand the oppression and the fight.
To overstand the self-doubt and self-hatred that has been buried deep within our subconscious minds.
To move ahead to self-acceptance and appreciation, and to self-love.

To me,
The Afro represents determination, perseverance, and the ability
To rise again and remember who we are,
and what we are.

To me,
The Afro is symbolic of a people digging up their rightful crowns and
hanging them where they belong.
Need I explain that one?
No, because I'm sure you know.
On some level, you already know.

So this week, I'm wearing a big Afro wig.
And even though I'm loving my short naps,
and absolutely was delighted with my bald head,
and will probably do the big chop once more before I let it grow much longer...
I look forward to the day when my Afro is as big and woolly as it is in my pictures.

The day when I
can pick up My crown
and wear It with honor, humility and grace.

February is Black History month, but I say let's celebrate it all year long!


(btw, this was challenge 6 in the Miss Nappturality Contest. I won this one;-)