Thursday, February 21, 2008

Erykah Badu New CD Release 2*26*2008!

Hey you guys!
In case you didn't already know, I am a HUGE Erykah Badu fan. Have been for forever now.
And all my friends can attest to this, 'cause I know I use to get on their last nerves always walkin' round singing her songs.

Well anyway, her latest CD is coming out next week.
If you've noticed, I've placed a couple of banners on this page. Both will take you to Erykah's Official web site ( ), where you can download "Honey," or watch the video;-)
Now if you're a myspace friend, you've probably either gotten a myspace bulletin or a post to your page by me. Yes, I joined to Erykah Badu Street Team to help with promoting this electric sister. I want to help spread the word and the LUV!

Now, for all you die-hard Erykah fans, you can join me and the other members of the street team and help promote the new CD. Click Here!

Peace, Love, Light, & Good Music,



Zoom-in said...

Hey Vee

Zoom In Online™ covered the exclusive listening event for Erykah Badu's new release, New Amerykah, Part One: 4th World War, which took place at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York City.

(There ares two video clips of Erykah Badu explaining the meaning of New Amerykah and the innovative way in which the complete package of her new album will be published and distributed. )

Check that out!

Vee Jefferson said...

Thanx, Zoom In Online.
I will definitely check that out!