Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Random Stuff, by Bongani

I LuV Dippin' Dots!

I'm A "Wanna Be Runner"-more like "slow jogger/shuffler" ;)

My favorite album of all time is "Til Shiloh" by Buju Banton.

I have a whole bunch of sisters & brothers (papa was a rollin' stone :()

Have a son & a daughter and a grown step son (still lives with us)

Convinced that Joel Osteen is Heaven Sent!

I actually like my job, but would rather just win the lottery & be rich & FABULOUS!

If I could just pack up and move anywhere, it would be Toronto, Ontario in Canada or Cary, North Carolina.

I watch three movies over and over and over again: Meet Joe Black, I Like It Like That & A Bronx Tale

Favorite Foods are Pasta Salads & Boneless Buffalo Wings

If I had to be an animal, I would be a Black Rhino (Really Random)

I LuV Parties!

I still believe in LOVE!

I Don't Watch Soap Operas-can you believe that?

Best concert ever was the New England Reggae Festival in Hartford, CT (1999). I flew to Boston to meet friends and then we made the drive to Hartford in a new BMW 740-Awesome! We were faster than the speed of light! So many reggae artist in one place! Mr. Vegas was really good-Beenie Man was there, but there was a stampeed before his performance-the R & B group 112 was there (they were hot during that time).

This should have been #1
I collect Sun Catchers & Coasters-so if you're in some far off place that's rarely visited and come across either-pick one up for ya gurl!

Okay, I'm light-headed now; it's about 2AM...will finish this one later...bye!

Current mood: breezy

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Vee Jefferson said...

Vee: Well B, I will definitely have to keep that in mind.
and I loved your randoms.

In case you guys hadn't realized it,
I love Myspace. And I love my friends there. They are too awesome.
I like going by in stealth mode to see what they're talking about from time to time.
And when I find something interesting, I usually speak with that person to see if it's okay for me to do a post about it. So I found this wonderful little post by my friend about her random thoughts. It was amazing to me. To actually see the mind at work. How totally unrelated things come into our minds and at what rate. But to sit down and actually type them while you're thinking about them, that's personal .

So much you can learn from a person if you ask the right questions, and so much you'll know if you watch and listen. I knew more about Bongani after a couple minutes of reading than I ever knew in the years of knowing her. I loved this piece. Thanks, Bongani, for letting me post ;-)


And even if these are answers to some friend survey,
then still I'd like to think they were just "random thoughts."