Saturday, February 03, 2007

Jowaje Philosophy - The sharpness of mine tongue hath been dulled by the rock of wisdom

Everyday an individual is given life tests. The key to growth is first realizing that life itself is a test. And then you must recognize that even the smallest of things may be a new test in and of itself. Humility, one of the hardest things to acquire and possess, is one of the most vital characteristics a person needs to personify in order to achieve true personal and spiritual growth.

In the past, I've had a pretty quick temper. I've never been the one to intentionally hurt anyone, but I've always pretty much believed in defending myself and my feelings, if only with words. Yes, I was a gladiator of words when truly provoked. An eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth is never okay, but it certainly does feel good doesn't it? But only superficially. With spiritual maturity comes the realization that these things are totally counter productive to growth and happiness.

So I've come up with another Jowaje philosophy:
The only way to get to the next level in life is through true surrender. You must surrender yourself to your ego and pride. You must surrender yourself to others. Now believe me, this is no easy task, but once you have mastered it, the rewards come. The blessings come. The elevation comes. The enlightenment comes. And when you're no longer a servant to your ego, when you're no longer prideful, the fruit of your labor will manifest itself. "The sharpness of mine tongue hath been dulled by the rock of wisdom." - Vee Jefferson

And I welcome this change. No longer having to take another's power to feel strong and powerful, I am empowered. Empowered to love even those who do not love me. Empowered to feel sympathy and empathy for my brothers and sisters. Empowered to be untouched by what others think. Empowered to feel joy in the midst of sorrow. Empowered with overstanding.

I am free! And I'm free to be me, because that's all I have to be.
I am growing. I'm learning. And I am becoming worthy of the blessings and abundance that life has awaiting me.


Vee Jefferson

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muhammad said...

ah, I see you're a wise sister.
good to see in this day and time.