Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get Your Literary Works Published

Marlive Harris
THE GRITS DOT COM Literary Services
Dallas, TX US
Owner/ Virtual Press Agent
Division of The MOTH Group, LLC
2004 - Present

Marlive is the founder and business owner of, a reading and web publicity service, dedicated to the promotion of classic and contemporary literature for readers and writers of all ages.

Their reading communities for adults and children at collectively consist of author interviews, book reviews, reading guides, book club listings, and interactive elements such as author chats, email book discussion, virtual book tours and virtual book parties. Their book promotion services design book campaigns tailored to fit the author's special interests, talents, books, and readership.

Besides all the wonderful things has to offer on their site, they are also truly unselfish when it comes to informing their readers about different opportunities for them to gain experience, exposure, and possibly even monetary compensation for their contributions to the literary world. Marlive is one of my myspace friends, and she often posts bulletins that are both interesting and informative. She believes in spreading the word about other quality sites, and at the same time offering valuable information to writer hopefuls and veteran writers alike, of the different writing opportunities available. So I decided to get on board and join her.

So check out these sites for some exciting opportunities and/or platforms to publish your work. (Originally posted by Marlive on


Kids' Pages Family Magazine is Colorado's premier family publication addressing the needs of families with children aged newborn through high school. The magazine offers a well-informed, local and relevant perspective on issues affecting families. Kids' Pages Family Magazine informs, educates, entertains and inspires parents, children and the community.

Kids' Pages Family Magazine is Colorado’s most respected and most comprehensive resource for families. Pays ten cents/word.


Literary journal of the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS. Publishes fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, black and white artwork and photographs. New and established writers.

No seeking any specific genre, just quality work. Pays small honorarium and copies.


Seeks submissions of fiction, poetry, photography, visual art, comics, interviews, and feature articles for its upcoming issue #18, to be published in Spring 2008. The theme for Issue #18 is THE FREE ISSUE. Deadline October 31, 2007.

Pays $10 to $50.

New York Times buys book blog!

The New York Times has added a book blog to its website. The site now features the Freakonomics blog written by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Vivian Schiller, an executive at, has said that “This is the first established blog that we've picked up. But it won't be the last.”

Will your blog be the next?

It could be if you make it really interesting. Of course, it would help to have a bestselling book to back it up. Look for more media websites to be picking up blogs and other web content. If you make your website or blog valuable enough, you could find various websites begging to give you money to have you post content for them.

If you have already written a book, your content is already more valuable than content from websites with no books to back them.

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