Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rev. Otis Moss III

...The newest pastor of Trinity United Baptist Church in Chicago, Ill.

I just listened to a recorded interview with the Rev. Moss and I must say he is as articulate and diplomatic as ever.

Let me start by saying that the better half of my time is spent in Augusta, Ga. I've lived here for the past 10 years, and I'm so proud to say that I've spent quite a few Sundays with Rev. Moss and his church family right here in Augusta, home of Tabernacle Baptist Church. Of course that was before he left to take his new position at Trinity Baptist.

Rev. Moss was undeniably the most inspiring minister I've ever had the privilege to worship under. Although I never joined his church, Tabernacle felt like home to me. With his new age approach to teaching God's grace, forgiveness, and abiding love, and his ability to reach people of all demographics, his sermons simply captivated and reached out to me on every visit. And I was always left with a personal message from The Almighty.

I always knew Rev. Moss was destined for greatness. It was written all over him.
So am I surprised that he would be in the middle of all the controversy going on because of the remarks made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and all the negative publicity it caused for the awesome visionary, grassroots candidate, Sen. Barack Obama during his fight to become the first black democratic nominee running for Presidency in the United States?
Am I surprised that Rev. Moss is the pastor of a church that has been brought front and center for massive exposure during this very historic and monumental political campaign and journey?

Of course not. Not at all.

You see, Rev. Moss has been Divinely placed in position to fulfill his destiny!
And once again I have been inspired by him. Here's my take-away:

"When God is truly with you, can't no man rain on your parade.

For He is the Ultimate Umbrella.

and the rain drops...

the rain drops cleanse your surroundings of chaos and clutter, (focus)
your tears flood the trash from your vision, (clear vision)
and the puddles you can't step over, (life lessons)
well, they water your internal seeds of inspiration, (new light)
while either teaching you to swim, (survival)
or to build bridges. (creation of new opportunities) "

-- Vee Jefferson, Jowaje Philosophy

A word from Vee to Rev. Moss: Reverend, even though you're hundreds of miles away, you continue inspire me!

Peace, Love, Continued Light, & Blessings,


you can listen to the interview here

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