Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've Started The 100 day Reality Challenge with Lilou Mace and Friends

I blogged about The 100 Day Reality Challenge almost a year ago. So why am I just now getting on board? Don't really know the answer to that question. It's kind of like the out-of-shape person who complains they have no energy and no time to work out, when the truth is if they make the time to start working out, they will have more energy and ironically, more time too.

Anyway, I'm on day 14. I've committed myself to blogging everyday for 100 days with the purpose of manifesting my own reality. If you'd like to join the group, go to http://www.100days.ning.com/. This group has grown so much in just a short time. There are almost 2000 members and counting and the movement has reached 125 countries already. One of the founders/creators is Lilou Mace. I found Lilou on YouTube, manifesting tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show and meeting her. And you know what, she did it. It was awesome - her story and her journey. And she captured it all and she captured my attention. So there it is. You can check out my 100 days at http://www.co-creatingmyreality.blogspot.com/ , and watch as my destiny unfolds.

And for you guys who think that positive imaging and visualization is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo or magical thinking, but you believe in God, then I ask you to set aside your beliefs for just a moment and open your minds. The Bible states that we were made in His image - God's Image. All of us. So we do indeed have power over our lives and the power to co-create, meaning create with His help. We co-create lives everyday when we bring forth new lives, so why would it be hard to perceive ourselves co-creating the circumstances within our lives? Our thoughts, actions, intentions, words all go out into the universe and create our realities. Now wouldn't you rather your reality to be a positive one? Also, I believe there's a much more accepted term for this phenomena...it's called faith. Believe, be thankful, and you shall receive.

So live out loud and shine your light brightly. Someone else may be searching in the dark.
-- Vee Jefferson, Jowaje Philosophy.

Until next time,
Peace, Love, & Light,


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