Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just a regular old day - Jowaje Philosophy

i saw a girl today.
She was younger than me.
And man, She's had some rain in Her life.
Her body is failing.
Her soul was tortured.
And She wasn't there for either one.

i had to sit back and say, "vee, you've been Blessed."

i walked outside in the Rain tonight.
it was by choice.
it was cold, dark, the trees above me, and the cold drops falling randomly over me
and everything else.
and every once in a while a sheet of lightning would echo out around me.
i thought of the Ancestors and felt just a small part of what They felt.
and even thought of a Homeless Man I'd seen not long ago.
just a tiny, very tiny glimpse into just a regular old day for Them.

and i had to sit back and say, "vee, you've been Blessed."

i feel so small. the things i thought i wanted in life seem so trivial right now.
so small, and to some they truly are and may always be.
and perhaps tomorrow, for me they will be big again.
but it took a couple of random things for me to stop and sit back
and remember to feel the good that is in my life right now; today.
to revel in my happiness and joy and peace.
i could be anybody else, any one of the people who has had it harder than me.
but i'm me.
and i'm Thankful for my Regular Old Days.
so i want to say...Today was one of 'em.
Thank You.

then i said goodnight to my Son.
we had a real good day today.
we did a little dreaming. and a little talking.
He's going to have surgery in the morning.

And all I can say is, "Lord please bless
and watch over Him as You've done for me."

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