Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Secrets to be Kept

Friday, April 27th at 8:00 PM
Saturday, April 28th at 8:00 PM

Purchase Tickets for Friday, April 27th (sorry, tickets to this show no longer available)

Purchase Tickets for Saturday, April 28th (sorry, tickets to this show no longer available)

"Secrets to Be Kept" goes from small secrets to opening unwanted doors. Juanita Davis and Abby Davis are sisters that are bonded by lies and deception. Juanita's daughter Yolanda has not been in college for six months and her mother does not know. What else is she keeping from her mother? Greg Taylor is Juanita's companion and unbeknownst to Juanita, Greg is manipulative and deceptive. His secret and deception could destroy family ties.

Tyrone Moses, Juanita's childhood friend carries a torch for Juanita but he has a secret that could shatter his friendship with Juanita. Ms. Shirley White, Juanita's neighbor, is always around for each secret to fall in her lap. The cast also includes Antwanette, the outspoken mail carrier, and her side-kick, Antwon (also a mail carrier).

Can a family remain united and continue to love each other in spite of deception and dark secrets?

Written, produced, and directed by Yvette Mann Joshua, CEO of My Joshua Productions.


Marcelle said...

Sounds like a good play.
Is it coming to Charlotte anytime soon?

Kirsten said...

I'm in the Augusta area. I live in Beech Island. Can't wait for the play. I will be there!
Thanks for letting us know about.

Vee Jefferson said...

You guys see the lady in the bottom, right corner? Keep your eyes on her. That's Pam Bowman. A true songstress in every sense of the word. We are expecting big things from her.

Good luck Pam!