Sunday, May 20, 2007


can't turn a seasonal friend into a forever friend.
can't turn a forever friend into a seasonal friend.
whether it's a season...or the whole life long,
won't know the difference until you realize that the season has come and gone.

some blessings take a life time to earn.
some lessons take only a season to learn.
so I welcome each into my life.
and if the season does change, I stop for a minute and cry if I must cry;

all the while, remembering it was knowledge and wisdom that I yearned.
and while my world continues to turn
I'm going to be my best me,
while discovering and becoming who it is I'm supposed to be

I couldn't stand 24 hours of daylight?
I definitely couldn't stand 24 hours of night?
but they each have their purpose,
offering growth and understanding.
working together to make sure everything's balanced just right.

If only I could send the overstanding I have now to me back then.
I would stop and tell my two best friends,
who have remained true through thick and thin,
how happy I was that we were making this life long mend,
cause our forevers were starting then,
And a little birdie told me it would never end.

Coretta and Gail, I Love You.

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