Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where Is Paisley? "Paisley" Gordon, that is!

Dust - Van Hunt (On The Jungle floor)

"Paisley Gordon"

I love this song. Van Hunt's pretty cool and I'm diggin' the music, but I'm posting this video because I want to give the guitar player to the right of Van a little coverage. His name is George "Paisley" Gordon, Jr. and he's awesome. I've been knowing this guy for over 10 years. He's a true musical genius, but whenever I try to Google him, I'm never happy or satisfied with the results. There's just not enough information about him in web land. Oh yeah, well okay, maybe some girl talking about how cute he is or how she threw her panties at him on stage. Oh geeze, give me a break already!

What about the man? What about the talent? What about the years of training and practice? What about the accomplishments?

"Paisley" has played and/or toured with several great artists including Parliament Funkadelic, The SOS band, Roger Troutman of The ZAPP band, and countless others. And now he's playing guitar for Mr. Van Hunt (On The Jungle Floor) himself. Maybe if I can catch this busy brother between gigs I can get an exclusive for you guys. But until then...

this one's for you Paise!

I'm so proud of you...

...So Everybody's been asking, "Where is Paisley?"

He's absolutely everywhere!

Peace, Love, Light, & Continued success,


For more on Paisley, visit

"Paisley Gordon, Jr"


Rod said...

Yeah, I've seen him play.
He's going to blow it up one day soon!

Van Fan said...

He's okay, but Van is Awesome!