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Never Without You...Again by Francine Craft

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I just had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Francine Craft, author of Never Without You...Again. The multi-talented Ms. Craft is a national best selling romance writer whose novels have completely captured the hearts of her readers. After reading her latest treasure, I decided I wanted to know a little more about the lady behind the pages of,

Never Without You… Again

Vee: In the “Dear Reader” letter located in the beginning of your new release, Never Without You Again, you say that the story of Hunter Davis and Theda Coles has been in your head for a long time. How so and why is their story so special to you?

Francine: I have had especially good luck with a rekindled romance, so it remains solidly in my heart as an all time favorite. I think this is the major reason the story is so special to me.

Vee: Hunter Davis is a renowned photographer in this novel and you mention that photography is one of your hobbies. Tell us more about this hobby and how you incorporated it into this story.

Francine: I don't have as much time for photography as I've had in the past, but I still like to read the books on photography and study the photographs of masters and amateurs. I've taken some photos in my time that friends and those in the field have praised highly. Like so many people, I probably have a natural knack for it.

Vee: How have readers and reviewers responded to this new release so far?

Francine: Readers and reviewers have been wonderful concerning Never Without You....Again. I just got a notice that the book has sold out, which doesn't mean it isn't still very much on sale and available. Readers and reviewers have been more than kind, with many singing praise. This doesn't mean it doesn't have its detractors, but there haven't been many, and I think the late President Truman said it best: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Vee: Do all of your books contain a special message you want readers to grasp and understand?

Francine: I think all my books contain a message or messages:
1) Learn to trust yourself and others, whatever you do, and be discriminating about it,
2)Love and caring are so absolutely necessary to a good life.

Vee: What makes a good heroine and what qualities should a good hero have?

Francine: I think a heroine should be loving (or at least have the capacity to be), be caring and want to trust her heart. She is a good friend and a good lover. She is dedicated to finding the best that life has to offer and to lending what aid and assistance she can to others. A hero should have the same qualities, but men have been trained to hide these qualities under a macho mask.

Vee: What do you enjoy most hearing from your fans?

Francine: I just enjoy about everything I hear from my fans. I have been privileged to get some of the most warm-hearted, endearing letters you can imagine, and trust me I answer right away. I love it when fans identify with the characters in my books and when they write long letters and tell me about this or the other character. My own head is often chock-full of characters to come and I don't always instantaneously remember, but I'm charmed, pleased and just go into orbit when they do this. I also love it when fans suggest spin-offs and other books and I've been able to use a few of these. The personal touch is big with me; when someone says why on earth did you have so and so do such and such? I laugh out loud and think about it. And yes, I love good, constructive criticism and I think I develop from it. You didn't ask, but I'll tell you what I don't like and that's when someone takes off on me in a mindless, vindictive tear and without rhyme or reason picks something I've written to pieces. But hey, that's all a part of the game. You've got to learn early that you just can't win them all.
Vee: Well Ms. Craft, it has certainly been a pleasure talking with you. Thank you for stopping by.
Francine: No Vee, thanks for having me and much love!

About the Author
Francine Craft is the pen name of this Washington, D.C. based writer who has enjoyed writing for many years. She has been writing romance since 1995 and has a total of 21 titles - 16 novels and 4 anthologies. Never Without You . . . Again is her latest Kimani Romance release. Visit her online at or for more information.

Never Without You . . . Again by Francine Craft is available wherever books are sold!

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