Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going Raw 2008: You tell me

Hey you guys.
I want to tell you about a girlfriend of mine who has started her own journey to health and fitness. She's decided to treat her body like the temple it was created to be. Her goal is to achieve optimal health by eating right, and feeding her body the fuel it needs to be as lively, active, and productive as possible. She's decided to go raw! It was a road she decided to take, and one I was actually thinking about taking myself after speaking to her one night. She got me thinking...which is exactly what her blog was intended to do. Her usage of word, her phrasing, it's like she's right there in the room with you just chatting away.

She's real,
and she's deep.
So go and check her out,
if you dare to overstand and be enlightened!

Going Raw 2008

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Cynthia said...


This may have nothing to do with going raw, but it does encompass viewpoints on my new outlook upon life. There are so many times that we just allow things to take place in our lives without responding to the the thing or person who may have touched us in some way. There are also times when things go undone or unsaid between friends, and when this happens, we honestly don't know what the other may think of us or how they may feel. We know there is love, but there can always be more. I am not one to be jealous and would never look upon a friend's success as a bad thing. In any way that I can uplift you, I want to. You have truly uplifted me! The words you expressed really meant a lot to me. They touched my heart and have given me even more reason to move forward with this blog. As I stated before, when we effect change we in turn affect each other.

Thank you my friend!