Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Need This Day!

I'm not answering the phone today.
I will not answer the door.
I need this day to myself.
So tomorrow I can soar.

I want to reminisce on 2007.

Sort through the lessons and file them on the shelf.
I want to meditate and recreate.
I want to reconnect with my inner-self .

I need healing energy for the coming new year,
to energize and renew my body, my mind, and my spirit.
No one else's woe can help me today,
Cause when I hear, I have to live it.

And I don't mind, not usually.
Hey, you got a problem, you can use me.
But not today, cause today's my day.
My baby's upstairs,
Zion and Sampson are around,
And my Mighty Master's beside me.

He needs this time alone with me
to work on me and mine.
I am a recluse for just this day,
But tomorrow I will shine.

And once I'm brightly shining,
I'll have so many rays to share.
So please, let me be for,

and tomorrow I'll be there.

Peace, Love, & Light,

-original poem written by Vee May 3, 2003
-edited today!
-current mood - Reflective

-listening to:

India Arie's Private Party...........

1 comment:

BonganiGodsBlessedPrincess said...

I absolutely love this. This is something I need to do more of; just taking time to reflect on things that have happened-remembering and sort of clearing away everything from the old year making room for the new. Girl, you've got mad skillz!

Peace & Love Always,
Brenda aka "Bongani"