Tuesday, May 06, 2008

FROM DUSK TO DAWN: Against All Odds 2008 Virtual Book Tour

From Dusk to Dawn
Niambi Brown Davis
Parker Publishing, May 1st, 2008
$10.95 US;
ISBN-10: 1600430368

Meet Bilal and Ayo, two people who are polar opposites in every way. He’s 32 and she’s 42. Bilal is ready to get married and start a family. Ayo, on the other hand, is a comfortably relaxed, in- her own skin widow with a 20 year old son. And she's certain her child-bearing days are over. Bilal is Muslim, and Ayo is most certainly not. Neither Bilal's father, nor Ayo's son are too happy about the relationship. These two, having nothing in common, would struggle to even hold a conversation, much less fall in love? And after their disastrous first encounter, you’d think it was impossible. Or is it?

But not so fast. I’ve been invited to participate in the FROM DUSK TO DAWN: Against All Odds 2008 Virtual Book Tour. Debut author, Niambi Brown Davis, has asked me this question, "Which of these issues - older woman/younger man, different faiths, disgruntled family members, late in life motherhood/infertility issues - has the potential to wreck the most havoc on Ayo and Bilal's relationship and keep them from walking down the aisle?"

But before I give my perspective, watch the trailer.

The fate of this relationship is quite questionable since there are issues and obstacles right from the very beginning. From their May/December romance, to their different faiths and feelings regarding children/starting a family, to the disapproval of family members, this couple will definitely find out if their love is real enough to last. But for the sake of blogging, I'm going to delve into all the different obstacles facing them and decide which one I think could possibly manifest the biggest problems and be the hardest to overcome.

Albeit, all relationships are a work in progress, but starting off behind the eight ball only makes things harder. Notice I didn't say impossible? And while I do believe any of these challenges could potentially cause havoc in a relationship, I think the biggest issue facing this couple is their different religious beliefs. All the other obstacles can be overcome by the mighty "L" word. But having very different religious beliefs and faiths would be the most detrimental in any relationship, even if the love is true.

Because a person's faith and religious customs and beliefs may influence the way he or she eats, sleeps, prays, and possibly even celebrates holidays, it would be ridiculous to think that a major difference in two views would be of little concern. Also, that faith is the determining factor for how the person will both act and react in a certain situation and how circumstances are viewed. It makes no difference if the situation or circumstance is positive or negative, serious or not so serious. So when crises occur within that relationship, if the two people involved are not in some sort of agreement about how to handle them, or at least what the expected outcomes should be, then chances for having huge, unresolved issues, which can lead to breakdown in communication and ultimately broken relationships, increase drastically.

Now we all know that every relationship will cause a few scrapes and bruises from time to time. But when the love is real, these hurts will heal easily and become barely noticeable in no time. But when you start mixing religions or trying to change a person's belief system and how he or she worships and views the world, now we're talking big, gaping wound territory.

This novel is most extraordinary! National Best-selling Romance and Romantic Suspense Author, Deidre Savoy, describes it as SIZZLING!

You DON'T want to miss this one!

About the author:

Niambi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She and her family lived for many years in Washington, DC and for three and a half years, made the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago their home. She has written for Bronze Thrills, True Confessions and Black Romance Magazines. Niambi indulged her passion for sailing and travel by serving as publicist for the Black Boaters Summit and as a member of the National Association of Black Travel Writers. Presently, Niambi writes for Travel Lady Magazine. Her first digital novella was published in January 2008 by Arrow Publications, LLC. Aside from writing and travel, Niambi is an avid reader of historical fiction, and deeply involved in tracing the history of both branches of her family tree. Her day job is running the business of Sand & Silk/Soleful Strut, where she produces private label products for hair and skincare companies as well as her own line of handcrafted soaps, creams and scrubs.

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JC Martin said...

I haven't had the pleasure of reading Ms. Brown's book yet, but when I heard the premise I have to say I thought age would be a problem for me. But in reading your commentary I have to agree with you, my religious belief would have to be somewhat the same as my husband's otherwise it would not work well.

Congrats to Niambi on the release of her book.

Yasmin said...

Greetings Vee and thanks so much for being a stop on the Against All Odds Tour. I love your response and have a better appreciation of the impact that different faiths can have on a relationship...probably explains why I haven't dated anyone who wasn't a Christian...although I've dated some bed-bug crazy ones...lol.

Book Manaic said...

I have read Niambi's book and I truely loved it. I also agree with you that religious beliefs are the most difficult in a relationship... I like to believe that LOVE wins on all accounts.

Love your website.

TheGRITS.com said...

Heyyyyy Ms Vee! Listen sis, when you said, " . . . if the two people involved are not in some sort of agreement about how to handle them, or at least what the expected outcomes should be, then chances for having huge, unresolved issues, which can lead to breakdown in communication and ultimately broken relationships, increase drastically" is so true!

I also want to add that the spirituality of any couple is so key and crucial to the relationships as well. Trust me when I say one's faith is so strong that it can literally hold or break couples a part! Being "unequally yoked" takes on a 'WHOLE' new meaning in this day and time and sounds like Niambi's book if definitely food for thought in this area.

Excellent response Ms Vee. And I want to say that I LOVE the new look here as well as your new radio show . . . woo-hoo!

Niambi, continued success to you sis . . . .this was a great tour stop for the day!

Anonymous said...

Forget the age difference, religion is a BIG deal for me. I can barely manage dating someone who rarely goes to church, so I know that a different religious background would definitely present a huge problem for me.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Hi, Vee:Thanks for hosting this stop on the tour. And I just have to say that your picture is beautiful! Based on responses to the thoughts you’ve shared, you’ve given us a square meal - some solid food for thought. As I said in another interview, there are many people whose faith is like breath. And it’s a deal breaker when fundamental beliefs are at odds, even for people who pay nothing more than lip service to the religions of their birth. On the other hand, I’ve seen relationships work with couples who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. They only require that their partner believe in God – the spirit is more important than the letter, and the fact that God is worshipped is less important than how He’s worshipped. More power to them all – anyone who can bridge that gap is taking a literal leap of faith!

Yasmin said...

More power to them all – anyone who can bridge that gap is taking a literal leap of faith!

I heard that because ALL relationships should be more than a notion...lol.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

As you can see, it's called Against All Odds for a reason (lol)Thanks, JC, Cilla, Marlive and everyone for your kind words, encouragement and continued support and for sharing your thoughts on the themes in my book. Yasmin, thanks for spearheading all of this. It's finally sinking in...(lol)

phyllisann26 said...

I can not wait to read this book.

Niambi Brown Davis said...

Thanks, Phyllisann - I hope you enjoy it!

Terra Little said...

There is absolutely nothing I love more in a book than real, true-to-life conflict that is really and truthfully resolved. I will definitely be picking up my copy of 'From Dusk to Dawn'. Sounds like a thought-provoking read. Much success to Ms. Brown!