Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sex and the City Movie less than a month away!

I am soooo excited!
I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting...
and now it's almost here.
You guys ready to be "carried" away?

This movie is purely indulgent for me.
I've been a Sex and the City fan for over 5 years.
So no, this post is NOT to educate, it's not to inspire or enlighten, and it's definitely not to endorse whatever crazy things these ladies might be getting into this time.
For me, it's simply a popcorn/haagen dazs, relax and have fun, no kids, no work, no worries, Sunday evening to myself, which btw is looonnnngggg overdue!

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

Well I saw the movie. I liked it, even though it didn't turn out quite like i wanted it to.

I really thought you would have done another post after you saw it.